dSign is a series of extremely fast and industrial UV-LED printers

It revolutionizes the entire bottle-print industry

3sixty is an extremely fast UV-LED printer completely built for direct printing on cylindrical and coneformed objects, such as bottles, thermos and cans. Using eco friendly UV-LED technology, 3sixty offers ability to print on a wide range of materials including metal, glass, paper, wood, plastic etc. 3sixty is the best machine for cylindrical printing.

Using eco friendly UV-LED technology, 3sixty offers ability to print on a wide range of materials including metal, glass, paper, wood, plastic etc.

Tube – The packaging industry has now got a new friend!

As the name reveals Tube is designed and developed for printing on smaller products such as tubes, lipsticks, cosmetic products, pharmaceutical packaging, shampoo bottles or any other “tubes” with a smaller diameter.

Did you know?
-Low production costs
-360´and photorealistic printing
-Variable data printing: including logos, images, texts, numbers, QR etc.
-Up to 1000 tubes per hour

3sixty tube is specially designed to cover smaller diameters than any other digital system on the market. (3sixty and DUAL minimum 50 mm diameter) 3sixty Tube is printing high speed 360’ seamless direct printing on tubes and cylindrical products with an outstanding print quality, exceptional productivity and a great flexibility.

Why digital print on tubes?
Well, this printing system is a result of market demands for digital print on smaller objects.
Tube packaging today are mostly screen printed or covered with labels. Screen printing requires costly screens for each color which means high cost for each tube and a lack of customization and variable data printing. At the same time labeled tubes look less professional than high resolution direct printed tubes.

-Semi or full automation
-Products with a diameter of 18-50 mm
-Wide range of substrates and products
-Full or semi-automatic tube printing system

3sixty Tube are here to revolutionize the entire tube packaging industry. Our 3sixty Tube printers produce photorealistic images and small texts at a low production cost that fits medium-sized series, full customization and custom variable data.

3sixty Tube are using a 2×2 printing/loading technique in order to maintain a high production speed. The operator are loading/unloading tubes while the system continuously are printing two tubes at the time, in order to maintain high production.

Along with a magazine (optional) 3sixty Tube becomes a fully automated system for medium production volumes. The operator only needs to add a batch of tubes into the hopper magazine. The automation design liberates the operator from repetitive and boring work, increasing production efficiency and will lower manpower cost.

3sixty Tube comes with the latest in UV light protection systems for protecting printheads from UV light exposure.



DUAL is the printing system you can rely on when you need large volumes in short timescale.

With two printing stations, DUAL is printing and loading simultaneously. That, coupled together with the latest in UV-LED printing technology, is the secret behind the tremendous printing speed.

DUAL is in the absolute frontline in terms of speed, reliability and user friendliness. This is our fastest stand alone unit,  built purposefully for printing on bottles, cans, tumblers, cosmetic products, drink wares, industrial printing and much more. Print on cylindrical products or cone shaped ones. It doesn’t matter. DUAL takes them all!

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With our dSign 3sixty and DUAL printers we are at the top edge of the industry and our machine has several smart innovations built-in, which set apart the limits of the current print industry and creates entirely new opportunities for you and your production.

3sixty and DUAL produces crisp sharp results even at high speed printing up to 1200 x 900 dpi. The simplified workflow provides everyone with high requirements to speed and print quality. 3sixty and DUAL is the most powerful machine on the market today.

3sixty is ideal for producing smooth gradients and lifelike images on cylindrical objects that other printing technologies does not come close to.
3sixty supports:
• Multilayer full color print
• White ink for full coverage on dark products
• Primer for better adhesion (optional) / Varnish for more effect (optional)

Compared with traditional printing techniques, such as pad printing, screen printing and label printing, 3sixty has several unique differences:
• Lower production costs
• No clichés
• Quick switching between print jobs
• Custom printing


• Extremely fast with vivid colors
• Print directly on metal, glass, wood, plastic, etc.
• High-efficiency UV-LED technology
• 360° seamless print on the entire surface
• Printing texts, logos, gradients and photos

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